Pre-school Rooms

The focus in our preschool room, is to provide children with an ‘essential toolbox’ with so that they when they leave us, they are ready for their next stage of education.  With that in mind, we have designed spaces where our Pre-schoolers are free to choose where to take their learning and play.  Within the main preschool room, learning is spontaneous around the room so the children are able to self-select resources which allows independent learning.  Within our quiet area children have to opportunity to take part in circle time and small group activities such as our daily phonic and reading sessions.  Pre-schoolers have access to an additional space where we are able to provide a more personal approach to their development. This room is also home to our ‘Rising-Fives’ sessions and are for those children who are progressing on into full time education.

The professional and supporting staff work on a 1 to 8 staff to child ratio and they cover all 7 individual areas of learning which is implemented into the planning.  They will follow the interest of the child and have recently moved toward an ‘In the Moment’ approach.  Preschool staff have a positive, long-standing relationships with local schools and information is shared to aid your child’s transition to full time education.